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Hornby Series typeface

After much searching of free font websites for a compatible typeface (fonts), and finding some that had the correct H but the wrong S, or visa versa, I decided to scan the text on a Trolley Wagon box lid.

The top "Hornby" and "Series" and side and end flap "Hornby Series" were scanned at 720dpi., and then cleaned up somewhat so that the resulting images should print out without visible jaggies. The spaces above and below each word in "Hornby" and "Series" images just touch the black squares that form the pattern around the box lid. The downloadable image files are 2 colour transparent so you see only the black text (once the files are downloaded, at least in Firefox), which of course you can recolour if you want. They are saved as .gifs and .pngs, so click on the required text buttons below to display the image, which you right-click on and select "Save Image As...".

Top scans.

Side scans.

End flap scans.

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